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Our team offers you electric shopping tips throughout our process so you save money!

Your energy purchasing options and specific needs will vary according to your size, location, energy usage, and your overall appetite for risk. At Unified Energy Alliance, we understand that every client is unique and every situation requires a customized approach. Allow one of our trusted consulting partners to analyze your current situation and your future plans. We will educate you on your options so you can determine what works best for you and not make a decision based on limited offerings alone. We’re pleased to offer electric shopping tips throughout the process, with the end goal of saving you money.


The five most common types of electricity pricing products are listed below and can function as crucial electric shopping tips in an ever-changing market. The first four products also apply to natural gas (with the exception of the "blend and extend" option):

  • Data Management

    Making well-informed energy decisions requires organized and dependable data. Without thoroughly checking your invoices and data for accuracy and validity, you are likely leaving money on the table with suppliers and failing to make decisions from an informed perspective. However, it can be a logistical nightmare to collect, organize, and audit all that data, especially for a global portfolio.

    Unified Energy Alliance can bring visibility to your company’s energy needs and oversights, and assist you in both collecting and controlling your utility-related data. Here is how our Collecting and Controlling process works:


    • Invoice Gathering

      During this initial step we ensure that all relevant data streams are gathered and processed in a timely and thorough manner.

    • Data Analysis and Translation

      We then analyze all relevant utility invoice data, and translate it into usable information.

    • Organization

      Collecting and translating invoices is one thing, but organizing that data into a format that supports managing and buying energy is quite another. Utilities and suppliers all have unique ways of presenting and naming services, which complicates the task of comparing invoice data. To facilitate "apples-to-apples" comparisons, we classify each line-item by relevant category, which ultimately enables us to offer our clients an easy-to-understand cost comparison rate analysis.

      It's during this step that most companies manipulate data to create false savings projections, while leaving out risk variables (embedded in the Terms and Conditions) that could end up costing you more than you are currently paying.


    • Controlling

      Many customers pay their utility invoices each month without questioning the validity of the charges. While other bills undergo routine scrutiny, utility invoices are often the exception, despite the fact that energy rates and contracts are often complex, volatile, and difficult to bill correctly. Unified Energy Alliance ensures the accuracy of every invoice (upon request) to guarantee that your company is getting what was promised, based on your supplier agreement.

      When our clients discover what they believe to be a billing error, they contact us–not the supplier. Our consulting partner will immediately work to resolve the issue on your behalf. In fact, we go beyond merely identifying and correcting billing errors. As your company’s energy advocate, we work to prevent future errors by proactively communicating with utilities and suppliers to resolve common issues before they happen again.

    • Our rigorous invoice control process enables you to:

      • Identify money-saving opportunities
      • Eliminate billing errors and associated hassles
      • Optimize your company’s energy strategy
      • Ensure high-quality supplier performance
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  • Rate Analysis

    Most customers consider "rate analysis" to be the only tool for controlling costs in a regulated energy market. However, rate analysis represents just one of many useful methods for creating opportunity in a deregulated environment. Rate analysis alone results in many stones left unturned and possibilities missed. Unified Energy Alliance augments rate analysis with a comprehensive set of services that mines deregulated markets for opportunity. Our extensive approach includes the following services.

    • Tariff Analysis

      During this initial step we ensure that all relevant data streams are gathered and processed in a timely and thorough manner.

    • Tax Exemptions

      We then analyze all relevant utility invoice data, and translate it into usable information.

    • Utility Negotiations

      Collecting and translating invoices is one thing, but organizing that data into a format that supports managing and buying energy is quite another. Utilities and suppliers all have unique ways of presenting and naming services, which complicates the task of comparing invoice data. To facilitate "apples-to-apples" comparisons, we classify each line-item by relevant category, which ultimately enables us to negotiate with the utility on your behalf from an informed position.

      We have Regional Account Managers who are devoted to specific markets, utility zones, and regulatory bodies. Our regional energy experts are acutely attuned and continually monitoring their specific target markets for opportunities associated with those specific utility zones.

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  • Risk Management

    Implementing an energy risk management program can protect you from the negative financial and operational impacts of exposure to today’s volatile energy markets. Successful programs apply forward-looking market analysis to your unique risk appetite. By entrusting your energy risk management concerns to Unified Energy Alliance, you can effectively mitigate risk through our customized recommendations. We will continually work to lessen the impact of volatile energy costs by providing a suite of energy risk management services and guidance.

    We know how confusing the "fine-print" terms and conditions can be, and in most instances, the lowest quote often exposes you to the highest risk tolerance. We will ensure that you understand all your options and protect you from industry "bait and switch" tactics. Furthermore, we will make sure that all agreements are upheld, and will handle any disputes that may arise.

  • Strategic Planning and Sourcing

    In a deregulated market, purchasing energy at the best price can be a very complex endeavor. It’s not enough just to issue a "Request for Proposal (RFP)" and choose what may appear to be the lowest price. To get the highest value for your energy dollar, it pays to take a more strategic approach to energy management.

    Instead of only using contract expiration dates and fiscal calendars to drive energy procurement, we closely monitor market dynamics to identify the best possible time to initiate a purchase on your behalf. By taking this calculated approach to energy procurement, we can reduce unwanted exposure to price volatility and secure energy prices that fit your budget and business objectives, and align you with those suppliers who are positioned to accommodate your needs. Here is how our Strategic Planning and Sourcing process works:

    Strategic Planning

    Buying the best energy product at the lowest price depends on timing. The energy commodity market today is very volatile. Knowing how and when to purchase energy requires foresight based on a thorough knowledge of not only your utility market, but also the commodity market in general. In order to procure the most cost-effective energy prices, It’s important to stay focused on your future needs and how they relate to future markets.

    Unified Energy Alliance is continually forecasting change in the marketplace, instead of simply reacting to change when it happens. Our proactive approach to purchasing energy directly translates into strategic operational and cost benefits for our clients. We constantly monitor energy market drivers such as regulations, economic data, historical performance, and regional supply and demand. This energy intelligence then becomes energy procurement recommendations for you.

    As our client, you will receive information on time-sensitive energy opportunities from your Energy Consultant via phone calls, emails, and detailed briefs that advise and enable you to take action. If you wish to pursue a particular opportunity, you can discuss next steps with your Energy Consultant, who acts as an extension of your company’s organization to provide leadership for your energy management program.


    Our Supplier Management and Qualification Program ensures that your company does business with suppliers that provide reliable energy supply and competitive pricing. By working closely with suppliers, we know where to go for dependable service at the best price. This allows us to negotiate both contract and credit terms on your behalf. As part of our services, we evaluate suppliers on multiple indicators:

    • Load capacity and ability to serve
    • Price competitiveness
    • Scope of confidentiality agreements
    • Requirements for end-user credit assurances
    • Available product structures
    • Viability of business operations
    • Financial strength and creditworthiness
    • Customer service
    • Frequency and magnitude of billing errors
    • Operational assets
    • Suppliers who are attentive to UEA’s client needs/concerns and are reactive to problems that arise.

    Our supplier insight directly translates into reduced energy costs for you. Energy opportunities differ by region, supplier, customer type, and industry. Identifying these opportunities requires constant exposure to suppliers within each market. Our dedicated team works day-in and day-out searching for ways to reduce your energy costs.

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  • Procurement

    Poor energy procurement decisions are expensive mistakes. Constant price fluctuations significantly affect your energy bill and performance against budget. A proactive approach to buying energy better controls costs. Unified Energy Alliance specializes in negotiating hyper competitive energy purchases. Our procurement services help to ensure that you’re getting the best value. As energy conditions change across the globe, windows of opportunity are continually opening and closing. Keeping track of these moving parts is a time-consuming task that involves an overwhelming amount of information.

    With Unified Energy Alliance on your side, you can stay informed on important developments. However, this information is really only useful if you know how to act on it. We go well beyond capturing information. We bring you market intelligence relevant to your organization and issue clear recommendations that enable you to act on opportunities. Our energy consulting partners are trained to guide and educate.

  • Demand Response

    What is Demand Response? When the demand for electricity spikes, electrical grid operators generally meet that excess demand by ramping up expensive power plants or buying high-cost electricity from nearby areas. In some cases, the grid simply cannot effectively deliver enough electricity to meet demand, which can lead to power outages and quality issues.

    Demand response programs encourage energy end-users to cut consumption during these critical times. In return, they receive a financial reward for simply being willing to cut energy use, regardless of whether or not there is a call for curtailment. By volunteering to reduce consumption during times of peak demand, participants help electrical grid operators control energy costs, prevent the construction of additional power plants and reduce negative environmental impacts. Unified Energy Alliance can lead your company to a successful demand response program by:

    • Identifying opportunities to participate
    • Recommending the best provider and program based on your business objectives and site-specific requirements
    • Ensuring that you get the highest possible rate of return for the services
      you are providing

    Our consulting partners will examine your company’s operations to determine what demand response opportunities exist, as programs are only available in certain markets. If your operation qualifies and an opportunity exists in your area, we will recommend the program and provider that best fits your company’s needs. Our unbiased perspective enables your company to evaluate both the rewards and the risks associated with Demand Response.

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