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Our Background

We have established ourselves as a relational and respected energy counselor.

Unified Energy Alliance, a relational and respected energy counselor, was established to provide a consulting platform for those community advisors who saw a future in the energy industry, and who were looking to improve the lives of individuals and businesses in their neighborhoods. Today, the energy industry is saturated with business models that focus primarily on market capture, as opposed to client education and retention. These models are very impersonal and quite often risky for the client. With so many companies focusing primarily on sales and client acquisition, regardless of the methods, there are limited options for those "true consultants" who are motivated by public service and winning the trust and respect of the clients they serve. With this in mind, we seek to counter the “trend” and position ourselves as a principled energy counselor, not primarily focused on the sale, but the relationship.

The end result will be
well-informed and
satisfied clients.

While other companies measure success through the number of accounts they acquire, at Unified Energy Alliance, we measure success by the consulting partnerships we are able to nurture and support. We have proven that by creating a viable career opportunity for high-level consultants, and by providing the highest level of training and support, the end result will be well-informed and satisfied clients.