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Career Opportunities

Look no further if you want to become an energy consultant with us!

Effective and Professional

Unified Energy Alliance is an energy consulting firm that specializes in recruiting, training, and developing potential marketing/sales channels for some of the largest energy savings companies in the United States. We help these companies-"our partners"-to develop their brands more effectively and professionally by utilizing a more stable, consultative approach to client acquisition.

Future Leaders

We are seeking the future leaders of our company, and looking for those individuals who want to build their own independent success around this emerging industry through our corporate structure and the opportunity that it creates. Our model is based on long-term community relationships and long-term business relationships with our consulting partners. With the recent deregulation of electricity, timing could not be any better for motivated, self-starters to help businesses reduce their overall utility costs, and earn uncapped residual incomes in the process.

Serious Growth Potential

There are a lot of offers out there, but Unified Energy Alliance offers a very unique business model that is designed to offer serious growth potential and "real" business opportunity to entrepreneurs. Our opportunity will enable you to grow in your professional career with the possibility of advancing to management, or potentially helping you to start your own energy consulting firm (this includes corporate filings, establishing brand identity, company insurance and bonding, and even marketing and business development).

  • What are your responsibilities?

    • Educate local businesses in your area about deregulation and discuss their options
    • Negotiate rate plan options and help to execute enrollments
    • Service client portfolio and re-enrollments
  • What does this mean for you?

    For those "true consultants" who fit our model, and see a viable future in the energy industry, we're the next big thing. UEA was founded for those community advisors who saw a future in the energy industry, and were looking to translate their community relationships and unique skills into a rewarding energy career. In the energy industry, there are limited options for a true energy consultant who is motivated by public service and winning the trust and respect of the clients they serve.

  • What will you receive with UEA?

    • On-site training and continued support by a management team that is totally committed to your success
    • Instant earning potential with absolutely no up-front investment required (all training is free)
    • The best sales and marketing tools in the industry
    • The ability to earn an uncapped, residual-based income
    • The highest compensation structure in the industry! That's true dollar, no mark-up or hidden margin.
    • The fastest commission schedule in the industry-all commission payments are direct deposited within 7-10 days of client enrollment, and in some instances up to six months prior to actual energy flow. (industry standard is 60 to 90 days following enrollment, or after first month energy flow cycle is complete)
    • Up-front, lump-sum annual commission payments for every year that your client is retained (industry standard is monthly residual based upon energy flow completion) for those partners who have proven themselves to be viable, we can negotiate exclusive advancement options based on future enrollments (up to18 months).
    • Full profit sharing transparency-UEA practices an open-book policy that enables our consulting partners to see our firm's net profits and how they translate into commission revenues
  • What makes UEA different?

    Today, the energy industry is saturated with business models that focus primarily on market capture, as opposed to client education and retention. These models are very impersonal and quite often risky for the client. With so many companies focusing primarily on sales and client acquisition, regardless of the methods, there are limited options for those true "consultants" who are motivated by public service and winning the trust and respect of the clients they serve (i.e. building a long-term portfolio). While these other models measure success through the volume of accounts they acquire, we measure success through the consulting partnerships we are able to nurture and support.

    Because we are a firm that is built on the foundation of serving others, we have earned a well respected reputation amongst suppliers, consulting partners, and clients. We continue to prove ourselves to be reliable, equitable, competitive, and attentive to the needs and preferences of each business partner and client we assist. We embrace the unique requirements of every opportunity that presents itself, and we genuinely do our part to customize our offerings to each situation.

    Our mission is to revolutionize the energy industry, one partner a time. We will continue to expand our efforts and evolve with our ever-changing market surroundings. We will only engage with the top suppliers in the industry who share our vision of integrity, transparency, and fairness. We will only partner with those consultants who exhibit impeccable moral character, commitment to community service, hard work ethic, and a sincere desire to succeed and expand on their expertise in the energy industry. We will continually monitor our overall performance as an independent energy consulting firm and always stay true to our vision of becoming the leading provider of energy-related career opportunities, and the top-rated energy consulting firm in the Unites States!

    At Unified Energy Alliance, we have proven that by creating a viable career opportunity for high-level consultants, and by providing the highest level of training and support, the end result will be well informed and satisfied clients.

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  • Why work with Unified Energy Alliance?

    Our Business Model:

    Today, the energy industry is saturated with business models that focus primarily on market capture, as opposed to client education and retention. These models are very impersonal and quite often risky for the client. With so many companies focusing primarily on sales and client acquisition, regardless of the methods, there are limited options for those true "consultants" who are motivated by public service and winning the trust and respect of the clients they serve (i.e. building a long-term portfolio). While these other models measure success through the volume of accounts they acquire, we measure success through the consulting partnerships we are able to nurture and support.

    Our Training and Support

    For those consulting partners in whom we see a true potential, we will offer advanced training and support. We have found our training methods, our tools, and our resources to be unmatched and unattainable by others.

    Our Capabilities and Credentials

    By aligning with our firm, you gain instant credibility in the market, including access to all of our resources and knowledge. This is integral to gaining an edge over competitors. It is also vital in winning clients based on exclusive energy product options, not just rates/savings alone. This competitive advantage is paramount to your success, and in your overall ability to execute your business objectives across demographic boundaries.

    Our Pay Structure

    We have the support of our partners/investors, which ultimately enables us to offer the highest commission scale and fastest commission schedule in the nation. This is vital to your initial success in the industry. We take the time to teach you how pay in the industry works and enable you to make an educated decision on your future direction.

    Our Work Environment

    We have an open work environment in which transparency of expectations and intentions are very clear. We realize that very few out of many will meet our requirements; therefore, we are willing to pay high commissions to keep our work environment professional and elite. We believe that the most important trait in a partner is a positive disposition towards their daily responsibilities, and that while ambition and drive are paramount to success, one can never compromise honesty and integrity along the way! Therefore, we have created a work environment that rewards relationship-building over production levels. We are willing to pay VERY high commissions

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  • What are we looking for in a Consulting Partner?

    We are looking for high-level consulting partners who appreciate professionalism and are looking to build relationships in their communities. Our energy consultants are confident, reliable individuals who have already demonstrated success in all aspects of sales, marketing, and business development. Our consulting partners are very hands-on, self sufficient, and goal-oriented. We pay very high commissions based on our ability to obtain high level consultants who are client-driven, not "override" driven, so only a serious energy consultant should consider our approach.

    If you excel in lead generation and follow-up with clients, and are a proven business-to-business closer, we want to speak with you. At Unified Energy Alliance, you will find plenty of entrepreneurial opportunity and room to grow. Our partners are willing to pay top dollar to get their clients the best consultants on the map, and it's our job to find them.

    Here's a list of basic skill that will ensure success at UEA:

    1. Experience in business-to-business sales is preferred, with a proven ability to utilize multiple closing techniques through educating the client on their best interest (i.e. consulting). Other key skills would include marketing, prospecting/lead generation, business development, management, etc.
    2. Proficiency in all Microsoft products preferred
    3. Strong communication skills with the ability to seek out new clients, set appointments, and sell professional services to executives and business owners
    4. May have no prior energy experience, but should have a strong desire to succeed and a willingness to take direction and apply what is taught from business development managers
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  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding our opportunity

    Do you offer a base salary?

    No, this would compromise our ability to offer such high payouts in regards to net commissions. Most Unified Energy Alliance partners want to control their futures and how their profits are delegated, especially as it pertains to how they re-invest their commission back into their own companies.

    We could pay 20% or less of every net dollar earned (industry standard) to new partners, but this would require client ownership clauses and non-competes to be put in place. Our model is designed to facilitate success through consulting partners, not to own them or their book of business. Therefore, we have opted to give full client control to our partners, as well as the majority of the net dollar in hopes that this will foster greater success for them long term.

    1. Do you offer leads to your partners?

      In some instances yes, but only to those consulting partners who have proven themselves to be stable and reliable over time. Our web-site and business matrix offers many indirect marketing opportunities for newly acquired partners. But before we offer internal lead support, we must be certain that the partner in question can generate leads on their own. This helps up determine who is capable of being self-sufficient (which is one of our requirements), and also ensures that they have the experience needed to support our leads properly.

    2. Will I have to travel?

      The distance that our partners travel is completely up to them. The question that we always ask new consulting partners is this: "How far would you travel to service one of your clients?" The answer to this question lies in their response! We have consulting partners that travel all over the United States to service their clients, and others who stay within their local communities. Whatever the case, our only requirement in regard to travel is that our partners only sell clients that are located within a demographic location that they are willing to travel.

    3. Will I be assigned a territory?

      No. Our consulting partners are free to work in all deregulated markets. Our only requirement in regards to territory is that we only sell to clients where we can actively service them. In short, your territory is based on your ability to meet with clients upon request, should they need your support.

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  • As an independent sales agent, what should you watch out for when comparing energy opportunities?

    Bait and Switch tactics

    Quite often companies will offer front-end incentives in an attempt to entice uneducated sales agents into capturing clients on their behalf. These incentives often include base salaries, guaranteed leads, and in some instances, your own website page to recruit other agents or "build your business". What these companies do not disclose is that these incentives come at a price!

    In most instances ownership of the client belongs to the company offering the web page, your salary is contingent upon you maintaining a sales quota (which is nearly impossible once they stop feeding you guaranteed leads), and quite often a non-compete is put into place to prevent you from leaving once you discover their true intentions. So, what is the price? The ultimate price of all of these "incentives" is your book of business. All of these bait and switch tactics are quite common in the independent sales industry, and they are all designed to eventually steal your clients and your residual incomes as well.

    At Unified Energy Alliance we teach our energy consultants how to generate their own leads, we do not require a non-compete, and instead of paying you a small salary, we have instead negotiated exclusive payout structures that will enable you to determine your own draw. We are looking for individuals who understand and appreciate this transparent approach and who are looking to control their own futures!

    Misleading product and service offerings:

    In the energy sales industry, not all contracts/products are created equally. Similar to insurance policies, energy contracts can be manipulated to create the illusion of a lower quote or a better offering, only to gouge clients over time, or expose them to unforeseen risk and hidden penalty charges. It's important to fully understand how energy products/services work before you offer them to potential clients. Here are a few things of which to be aware:

    1. Companies that don't offer purchase agreements/energy contracts:

      In the energy industry, product offers are only as good as the contract on which they are written. Unfortunately, the market is littered with companies that offer energy products that are very unstable and unpredictable. These index/variable products (which are quite often marketed as "wholesale prices") are designed to capture market at introductory rates, only to gouge clients over time. Without a binding document, our clients have no recourse. These companies often use marketing terms such as "we don't require you to lock-in" or "you don't have to sign anything with us, so there's no risk to you." It reality, these suppliers normally lack the financial backing to offer viable products, and without a binding contract in place that guarantees the product in question, there are no guarantees!

    2. Companies that hide back-end costs and hidden charges:

      In the energy industry, it's important to measure offerings based on what they include, not what the quote indicates, or what the product is titled. Quite often we hear terms such as "all inclusive fixed energy rate," which basically means that the energy component (cost per unit) of the product is fixed. Unfortunately, there are many other components associated with energy purchases, and these components do not fall under the basic energy cost, so this is not a fixed-rate product at all! The key is to always compare suppliers' contracts Terms and Conditions, not their product titles or quotes alone. Also, anytime contracts speak in vague terms such as "we reserve the right to," "we may," "we could," etc., stay away! It's important to align with a company that is willing to educate you properly, so that you can build a viable career and be respected as an expert. Unfortunately, most of the suppliers in the market just aren't competitive, so they need uneducated agents/brokers to sell their inferior products. At UEA we hold suppliers accountable and we educate our partners, so that they can build a stable future in their local communities.

    3. Companies that claim to sell "green" energy products:

      While alternative energy is great for our environment and future sustainability, when used to produce electricity for re-sale, it's very expensive when compared to its fossil fuel counterparts. By law, all suppliers are required to purchase a certain percentage of green energy products during their portfolio buys, so in a sense, all suppliers offer "green" energy products. Many uncompetitive suppliers in the industry have taken notice to the recent "green movement" and are using it as a marketing angle. Naturally, these "suppliers" lack the buying power to compete with the larger suppliers in the industry who are equitable and heavily financed, so they seek out uneducated brokers who are not familiar with the price components associated with energy contracts/products and exploit their ambition and at times their desperation for an income, as a means to get enrollments. In most cases, these rates are full of risk and quite often adjustable. Please note: there are "green energy" products available in the market, but it's important to know what you are offering your community, so knowledge of product and transparency of price is key!

    4. Companies that ask you to recruit other agents:

      Outside of Unified Energy Alliance, there are limited career options in the energy commodities industry. The brokering industry, in particular, is saturated with countless companies that have opted to utilize Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) models and other "mass market" capture approaches (sales teams, marketing firms, etc.), regardless of the long-term implications. In the energy commodities industry, success is based on your ability to build a stable/back-end protected portfolio. Any model that uses tiered selling approaches for market capture is both unstable and short-term. Relationships are built through trust between consultant and client, and recruiting other agents doesn't exist in that equation.

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  • Why work with UEA? Our people share their thoughts.

    "Unified Energy Alliance has saved Vienna School District thousands of dollars in energy bills and for that we are extremely thankful." - Greg Frehner

    "I have been supported 100% through the UEA support team...we will work with you 1 on 1, however long it takes to help you get comfortable to going out into the field." - Nicole Moat

    "My initial experience with Unified Energy Alliance has been they really stress education, and helping the salesperson become more educated so they can transfer that over to the client. Unified Energy Alliance is different...we're here to educate first..." - Rodney

    "As a non-profit organization we would strongly recommend working with Ricardo. We could not have asked for anyone better." - Teresa Rogers

    "UEA is the only company in the industry that will advance your commissions 1 year in advance, therefore giving you enough money to operate your business, and build your business." - Larry Arant

    "I love this job... I am able to go out and to face my customers face to face...rather than selling over the phone." - Pat O'Conner