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We can help you save on electricity! Don't fall behind with the deregulations changes.

Deregulation is a monumental change for business owners in markets that recognize healthy competition in the electricity supply market and envision opportunities to save on electricity. Simply stated, deregulation means the loosening of government intervention and regulation, with the goal of moving towards a free market. This means that you will no longer be at the mercy of monopolistic energy companies. Instead, you will have a choice. Deregulation allows you to choose the supplier of your electricity, while the delivery of power remains unchanged with your existing electricity company. This results in greater competition among retail providers and an opportunity to save on electricity!

Deregulation in NJ

Prior to deregulation, one company provided all aspects of your electricity service, from the generation and transmission of energy to the distribution and customer service. Electricity deregulation only affects the supply part of the business, giving you a choice of which company produces or supplies your power. The company that delivers your power will not be changed, and they will continue to be responsible for maintaining the poles and wires that deliver your power and the meters that measure the amount of electricity consumed. They will still be responsible for restoring power if there is an outage. There will be no change in the quality or supply of electricity you are receiving, no interruption of service and, best of all, zero switching fees!

Utility Invoices post-deregulation are unbundled, meaning that each component (generation, transmission, and distribution) will be itemized separately with a price per kilowatt hour (kWh) listed for each, and will involve one total price for all these components as a whole.