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Power Broker

Unified Energy Alliance has a prestigious reputation of hiring a diverse team of high-level consulting partners trained to handle your specific energy needs. Let our energy experts put their experience and knowledge to work for you. Working with a Unified Energy Alliance power broker offers a variety of advantages:

  • Customer Allegiance

    We are loyal to you, not the energy suppliers. Our consulting partners provide independent, unbiased expertise to offer you the most cost-effective energy solution, regardless of the supplier.

  • Fee Structure

    We clearly break down every cost of an energy bid, while other companies bury their commissions in hidden fees, or allow suppliers to apply back-end charges (i.e. "pass-through costs"). We explicitly state all charges in your final quote, even if that requires us to negotiate custom contracts on your behalf. At Unified Energy Alliance, you know exactly what you are getting.

  • Unparalleled Upper-Level Management Experience

    We understand how energy markets work. The training and support which we provide to our consulting partners enables them to operate on a level of efficiency unattainable by our competitors.

  • Superior Recommendations

    Many power brokers do not consider all possibilities, and you could pay more than necessary as a result. Our consulting partners look at all options, not just the obvious ones. Our thoroughness enables you to make a truly informed decision.

  • Market Leverage

    Engaging Unified Energy Alliance gives you an instant advantage. Suppliers respect our size, expertise, and professionalism. We use our considerable bargaining power on behalf of our clients and affiliates. Unlike other platforms, Unified Energy Alliance forces suppliers to compete for our consulting partners’ portfolios as a whole, not just your load, which enables you to benefit from their demand as well.

  • Local Expertise

    Each local market presents unique opportunities, obstacles, and risks. We have a team of specialists dedicated to studying energy markets, and through our local power broker, we are able to pass that knowledge to our clients. Clients immediately reap the benefits from having us on their side.