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Our Process

Shop for Electricity with our guided process.

Educating Our Clients

Buying energy can be very a complex process. As a result, many companies fail to secure the best energy prices, thus leaving money on the table (and quite often leaving themselves exposed to risk). Unified Energy Alliance specializes in not only purchasing energy for our clients, but also in educating our clients and simplifying the process for them. We believe that, while fundamentally complex, the process of shopping for electricity itself can be simplified. Our efficient, effective energy procurement service consists of five main steps:

1We review your past invoices to identify your most attractive purchasing options. This includes the analysis of existing accounts and supplier contracts.

2We then secure bids on various platforms from pre-qualified suppliers. We know what to look for and how to maximize your savings. Whether we utilize a traditional RFP approach, or a reverse auction platform, the key is creating a hyper-competitive, time-sensitive environment where suppliers are induced to compete for your business.

3We recommend the best option for you. With Unified Energy Alliance you will receive guidance, not a list of confusing choices. Furthermore, by working with one of our regional consulting partners, you are placed in a position of strength that allows you to negotiate and critically and thoroughly shop for electricity, instead of simply settling.

4We negotiate the most favorable terms for you, ensure that agreed upon terms are put in contract form, and we facilitate the signing of the energy contract (we never sign for our clients, or accept payment). Our goal is to make the transition process to a new supplier seamless, get you the lowest quote, and protect you along the way.

5Signing an energy contract is easy, but monitoring suppliers and addressing concerns as soon as they arise is what separates us from the competition. Our consulting partners not only educate, advise, and guide you through today’s complex energy market, but also protect your assets once you have signed on the dotted line. Our proactive approach enables you to capitalize on energy savings opportunities in real-time, and avoid exposure to unforeseen risk, thus offering a personal approach to energy management.

6When you contact Unified Energy Alliance, you will be assigned a dedicated, experienced energy consultant that will work with you every step of the way. All of our consulting partners are supported by a staff of business professionals including tariff analysts, legal, financial, technology, marketing, and customer service experts. Our team can collaborate to help you most effectively and efficiently shop for electricity.