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Affinity Partner Program Goals

What is an Affinity
Partnership Program?

Unified Energy Alliances Affinity Partner Programs were established so that trusted advisors could offer viable energy savings solutions to their business communities, while generating funds that empower their charitable goals and help to promote community advancement.

Gain Exclusive Energy Pricing

By allowing Unified Energy Alliance to enhance the services that you currently provide to your business community, you will further solidify your overall standing within your circle of influence. In addition, you will also help those who participate gain exclusive energy pricing and savings options unattainable outside of our program. We then share a portion of all generated revenues from each enrollment that results from your activity, to be used towards furthering your cause.

Empowering Our Partners

By empowering our partners, and never compromising our negotiated rates, it’s a win–win for everyone involved! This "profit sharing" approach is at the core of our Affinity Partnership Programs. These programs are designed to foster deeper, more profitable relationships with our local communities.

Affinity Partnership Goals

  • Build relationships within communities
  • Inspire philanthropy
  • Give back to communities
  • Generate funds for worthy causes
  • Support community advisors
    (Including those in energy purchasing positions)
  • Offer support in regards to energy-related matters
  • Increase support for partner causes
    (Including new memberships and client acquisition)